Who can stay at Camp Hale Koa?

The camp is open to just about any group who would like to book it. We hope to attract sports groups, school groups, family camps & reunions as well as church groups.


What are the restrictions for Camp Hale Koa?

Keeping with our primary goal and mission, the camp is an alcohol and tobacco free zone. Also as much as we like pets, they are NOT allowed at Camp Hale Koa


What is the minimum group size that can use Camp Hale Koa?

We welcome any group size but have a base rate based on 40 campers at $15 per night (our standard rate) so any group under 40 would be charged $600 per night.


Can more than one group use that camp at the same time?

Unless they are working together, no. The nature of the camp makes it problematic to have to unique groups using the facility at the same time.


How many people can stay at Camp Hale Koa?

We currently have enough beds for 90 campers. We hope to raise that to over 100 in the near future once refurbishment of other cabins is completed.

Overflow can pitch tents around the camp if needed.


How much does it cost to use Camp Hale Koa?

Keeping with our goal of having a camp that is affordable we currently are charging $15 per person for each night or for under 40 campers, $600 per night. This includes use of the cabins, kitchen, and meeting room.


Is the camp ready to use?

Yes!  We have eight cabins (7 of which are newly remodeled), bath facilities, main meeting room and kitchen and rec room ready to go. 


Is tent camping allowed?

Sure, but only for a group who has rented the whole camp. Sometimes groups use both the cabins and tent camp at the same time. There are spots for tent camping all over the CHK grounds. 


 Who runs Camp Hale Koa? 

The Camp Hale Koa Association manages the operation of the this resource. We are a non profit group made up of youthworkers, business people and community leaders who see the value of providing a place for group camping and believe that the environment of such a place offers a chance for life changing experiences to happen. 

For Questions about the camp contact Rick Bundschuh our executive director at rickbundschuh@mac.com


For Booking contact CHKA at camphalekoakokee@gmail.com